A skatepark in Järva-Jaani

Who collaborated? ●

The local youth in Järva-Jaani came up with the idea of building a skatepark and it is now maintained by the NGO Järva-Jaani Experience Centre. Project was, amongst others, delivered by the municipal council, local entrepreneurs, contributors and through the crowdfunding platform Hooandja.

What took place? ●

The hall of the former college that had stood unused for a long time was taken into use as a skatepark. The idea was suggested by the youth of Järva-Jaani, but the project was led by the head of the council. Together they were able to bring together local businessmen, who donated the space and an NGO who applied for funding through KOP. Financial support was provided by more than 10 businessmen and 90 private individuals. Using Hooandja for finding resources was also successful.

What was the result? ●

In 2015 a skate park built by professionals was opened. It is an important site for Central-Estonia, because the closest skateparks are in Tallinn and Tartu – approximately 100 km away.

Järva-Jaani rulapark