A swimming place in Valtu village

Who collaborated? ●

The initiator was the NGO Valtu Village, who was supported by The Municipal Council of Rapla. Collaborators also included volunteers and businesses.

What too place? ●

There is not enough swimming places in Rapla county. A popular lake where people go swimming is situated right next to Valtu village with 200 residents. It was facing becoming unusable due to overgrowth of weeds. The NGO Valtu Village Association, that has been active for about 10 years, initiated cleaning of the lake and started planning developing a recreational area around it. The municipal council joined the initiative straight away and supported it in every way: with advice (for example with project writing knowledge) as well as financially.

Volunteers and local businesses who donated money also took part in cleaning the lake.

Large scale works took place during a 12 month period: the lake was emptied, the bottom cleaned, fish redirected to the river etc. By summer there was enough water in the lake for swimming and the upkeep of the lake and the surrounding areas is continuous.

What was the result? ●

In collaboration a swimming place was secured for the residents of the surrounding areas.

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