Developing the living environment in Aespa

Who collaborated? ●

Aespa is a former garden association area in Kohila parish. The community association NGO Aespa Home, created in 2011, works tightly with Kohila’s local government.

What took place? ●

Year to year the number of permanent residents of Aespa has been growing. The community feeling amongst the residents has developed mainly through the activities of the local association and the locals have started to take part of organizing the present and the future of the parish more actively.

In collaboration, several events have been organised: the first project was organizing the local waste management, after that building a park. Both projects were supported by the council, both financially and by making land available. After the first initiatives the collaboration with the council has continued in the field of planning: local water management and transport organisation (lighting, buses, pedestrian roads) is planned jointly. Meetings with the council are regular and the association also collaborates with other active associations in Kohila parish, amongst other issues when planning shared bus routes.

What has been the result? ●

Nicer living environment and better infrastructure in both Aespa village and Kohila parish.

MTÜ Aespa Kodu