Developing the public space and living environment of Narva

Who collaborated? ●

The citizen association Narva Bright Actions takes on several initiatives in collaboration with citizens, other organizations and local government, in order to better the urban environment.

What took place? ●

It is worthwhile to mention the following collaborations.

  1. Collaboration with two kindergartens, during which bird-house shaped libraries were built on their playgrounds. The libraries were built in Gagarin’s centre. The director of the centre, Jüri Raud, contributed with his personal tools and materials and gave advice.
  2. In collaboration with the local government, new benches were put up near an apartment building. The housing association had addressed the local government with the same issue already earlier, but as the local government did not have the human resources to deal with this, they addressed the Narva Bright Actions. The local government pitched in with materials and tools.
  3. In collaboration with the city library a competition ‘Narva’s Fur‘ was organised where locals could use their fantasy and present designs for a tree.
  4. A photo competition ‘Colourful Narva’ was held in collaboration with the university, the library and local businesses (who offered sponsorship). The city government offered materials, but not financial support.
What was the result? ●

Nicer and more pleasant urban environment in Narva.

Narva Bright Actions


Jury’s comment:

Typically there is less collaboration in cities (with the exception of Tallinn and Tartu) and that makes this initiative very relevant. Narva Bright Action is more like a movement, not a registered citizen initiative – and this makes it all the more special. One city government official is an active member and the city government has so far provided the movement necessary materials.

Anzori Barkalaja: It is impressive that people look at their living environment as creators, not as demanding consumers. In a world based on consumerism this has become relatively rare.