Program of collecting health hours in Rõuge parish

Who collaborated? ●

The Municipal Council of Rõuge and 2000 local residents.

What took place? ●

Initiated by The Municipal Council of Rõuge, a project has been initiated that encourages people to act health consciously and take part in using the local budget while doing it.

Actions that support health of Rõuge’s people are gathered together either in the web or on paper and are calculated into ‘health hours’. If 10 000 ‘health hours’ have been gathered by the beginning of summer the council will fulfil one wish of the locals with a budget of 5000 Euros. What wish is fulfilled depends on the local people – at first they have to make suggestions and then the best is decided through a vote.

Till the 31. of October 2015 suggestions for what to do with the 5000 Euros were welcomed. The suggestions had to comply with the following criteria: it has to support the well-being and health of the local community, it has to be tangible and permanent (a building, a smaller construction, an object), it has to be feasible with a budget of 5000 Euros and accessible to everyone in public space. The proposals were evaluated by unbiased committee and between 9th and the 30th November a public vote took place where every parish resident could pick their favourite. The best proposal that the parish will bring to life if the residents collect 10 000 ‘health hours’, was announced on the 1st of December 2015.

What was the result? ●

A new collaborative idea has been suggested – bringing it to life is still in the future.


Jury’s comment:

This example caused a lot of excitement amongst the jury and they acknowledged the innovative thinking, parish leader’s initiative and a clever way of activating the locals. The jury also had some questions: what happens if 10 000 health hours are not gathered? Will the council not make the investment? They could still do it. Is it not too personal sharing your health hours with others? How will marking down health hours be connected to widespread applications such as Endomondo? The jury hopes that Rõuge council is not planning to create a special IT-solution for this. Such an initiative draws attention to a form of financing that is great. But there are several aspects that need to be thought through more thoroughly in the future (for example whether taking part in a local run applies as an health hour). All in all it is a powerful and a positive initiative.