Taxi service for the disabled in South Estonia

Who collaborated? ●

One man taxi for the disabled created by the LLC Antsu Takso has a collaboration contract with The Municipal Council of Põlva, financially they have also been supported by other councils (Haanja, Varsti, Vastseliina) and some surrounding parishes use the service without a contract, based on demand.

What took place? ●

Ants Väärsi from Põlvamaa, who has been forced to use the wheelchair due to a serious illness and has personally experienced the poor accessibility of transport, decided to improve the situation. With personal input and some financial help from the surrounding municipal councils, he started to operate a taxi service for the disabled. Now he has a collaboration contract with local council and even a wider demand. Põlva council compensates 50% of the taxi fare for the users and so do several other surrounding parishes.

The modest income earned on first year was completely invested into buying a new vehicle, that now is on the verge of amortisation. In 2015 the an online platform ‘Goodnews’, led by Monika Kusmina, initiated a campaign to help Ants Väärs with buying a new vehicle.

What was the result? ●

The transportation service of wheelchairs, stretchers and accompanist service was significantly improved in Southern Estonia.

Aitame Antsul aidata Invatakso


Jury’s comment:

In the ‘Services’ category we only considered those cases that offered a service that should be provided by the council, but have been delegated. Ants’ taxi for the disabled is not unique, but nevertheless is a very good example for several reasons. If we look at it as something more than a business plan of a single individual, then it becomes an inspiring example of taking initiative. In addition it is transferable to other places. The council has delegated the taxi service for the disabled to a provider who is an expert on the field and therefore capable of offering a better service.